Academic EnglishOur ONE-TO-ONE ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES (EAP) COURSE will appeal to those who wish to study English for various academic objectives, such as preparing for university, essay writing, English for theses, developing study skills, writing conventions, use of English for educational purposes, English for school etc. This course is suitable for those who need to develop their English in an academic context focusing on those skills necessary to achieve this objective. English for Academic Purposes has always been part of our English for Special Purposes programme but it has become such a popular request that we now have a separate programme for those who require academic English. EAP courses are different from general English courses in that the language presented and practised always has an academic objective. Take for example a student who has succeeded in entering a university faculty and needs to improve his/her level of English to a proper academic standard to successfully participate at university. Perhaps a student is preparing a thesis and needs assistance in formulating appropriate language without in any way committing any act of plagiarism which has very serious consequences in the academic world. The course focuses on those skills and language areas that require immediate attention with very specific and well identified objectives to achieve. EAP courses make use of specific vocabulary, structures and tasks related to the academic field including the development of such skills as effective communication, use of language and effective techniques for oral presentations and other skills identified at course commencement. Course feedback informs us that one-to-one tutoring is ideal and particularly effective for these situations being adapted to meet very particular needs. As with all our courses, your specific needs will be identified and prioritised in the first lesson and the course will be designed to meet these needs. Our one-to-one method allows for continuous monitoring of progress and meeting evolving language needs so you can rest assured that your tutor will be flexible to ensure your course is relevant to your needs. The ultimate objective for taking an EAP course with us is to increase your skill and confidence in using English for a stated and clearly identifiable specific purpose. We appreciate that your time is limited and you have very specific requirements.For this reason a one-to-one English immersion course with a qualified and experienced tutor is the ideal solution ensuring that your specific language needs are met in an efficient but thoroughly enjoyable manner. As your course is delivered by your tutor in the tutor's home this means that no time is lost travelling to and from your course. Lessons are relevant, personalised and centred around you - with you and only you in mind! Your tutor will carefully discuss your needs with you in the first lesson and carefully design your course based on these needs and your wishes! You are encouraged to bring all relevant related materials with you - working documents, notes, company literature, electronic and written presentations, correspondence etc. - and these can be worked on and incorporated into your course as appropriate. Your continuing language needs are constantly monitored and the course focus can be altered to take these into account. Flexibility is important and of course more easily practised in the context of a one-to- one course! In this way we can offer an individually designed course that is relevant to your specific needs. After all we know your time is limited and you want to study those areas that are identified as relevant to you.

ENGLISH LEVEL REQUIRED: This course is suitable for everybody from complete beginner to those with an advanced standard.

FREQUENCY: Courses commence every week from January to December (excluding Christmas.

COST: from €1250 (15 hours), €1450 (20 hours) and €1650 (25 hours) for one week. Full board and accommodation for dates selected.

93 Tudor Lawns, Foxrock, DUBLIN D18W1X7, Ireland
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