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We offer comprehensive and practical ONE-TO-ONE ENGLISH FOR LAW COURSES for those who require this specific type of professional course. Your tutor will have legal qualifications and many years of experience in the practice of law which is absolutely essential for a successful course. You can stay with your legally qualified tutor and family for the duration of your course and this will ensure rapid and meaningful progress in achieving your objectives. This course can also be taken without accommodation if this option is not required. Please contact us.

Our immersion courses are suitable for legal practitioners who need to improve their legal English, other professionals who require a knowledge of Legal English and students preparing for a career in Law, university degrees in Law or Criminology, degrees in other fields with law as a component and all law examinations.

Frequently, we are asked for courses that focus on aspects of legal writing, drafting of contractual documents, meeting, greeting, advising and dealing with clients, aspects of court advocacy, communicating and explaining legal issues with English speaking colleagues, negotiating and making presentations to name a few. Every course is unique and focused on your individual needs and objectives.

One particular aspect of our courses relates to the difficulties that exist in explaining the differences in laws and practice and procedure between Common Law jurisdictions and Codified Law systems of non-English speaking jurisdictions. This can be quite difficult for lawyers to do and even more difficult for clients to fully understand. Our courses take this difficulty into account so that, for example, an Italian lawyer can focus on properly explaining the effect of an Italian statute to an English speaking colleague using language used and understood by English speaking lawyers. Of course we also cover normal language and terms which are more easily understood by clients who need clear and concise explanations.

Effective communication is a key element of our courses with correct and good use of English as a priority. The four core skills - speaking, listening, writing and reading - are practised together with appropriate vocabulary and phrase building, pronunciation and correct use of grammar as needed. Your needs and objectives are clearly identified before and at course commencement and language weaknesses addressed in a professional and helpful manner.

As part of or outside lessons, and subject to availability, there will be an opportunity to visit a law office, speak to other lawyers and visit the Law Courts as appropriate. You will be pleasantly surprised with your progress at course conclusion.

If you would like to enrol for our one-to-one Legal English immersion course or need further information please contact us and provide as much information as possible advising the areas you would like to study. We will be pleased to design a course that meets your exact needs. Every course is unique and we have great experience in presenting Legal English courses for many years with great feedback.

We will be pleased to discuss any aspect with you prior to course booking so that you have all the information you need. It may also be possible to put you in contact with some of our past students who have taken legal courses with us. You can always speak directly to us by phone should you wish for a more personal touch - please contact us or send us an e mail and we will phone you at a time convenient to you and without commitment on your part.

ENGLISH LEVEL REQUIRED: As this is a specialised course we recommend a mid-intermediate level of English as a minimum standard to take full advantage of the course. If your English is not at this standard perhaps you would consider taking a General English course with us to begin with and follow with English for Law. If you are in doubt please contact us first to discuss and we can advise you.

FREQUENCY: Courses commence every week from January to December (excluding Christmas) subject to availability as these courses are specialised and presented by experienced tutors.

COST: from €1400 (15 hours), €1600 (20 hours) and €1800 (25 hours) for one week. Full board and accommodation for dates selected. If you do not require accommodation and meals you can take lessons only.

NOTE: This course is available by special request only. Please contact us  and we can advise you of availability. Lessons only are always available.


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